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Auto Service plans offer a superior full-featured extended warranty coverage for pre-owned cars, sport utility vehicles and trucks nationwide. At Extended, we offer a wide variety of plans to accommodate the needs of any vehicle owner who would like to protect themselves from the high cost of major mechanical breakdowns for items such as the Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Fuel Pump and more.

What is an extended Auto Warranty Service Contract ?

An Extended Warranty service contract typically referred to as extended warranties.  Are the most typically a promise to pay the repair facility to replace or repair a covered part and/or component that has failed or worn beyond the manufacturer’s tolerances.

While most new vehicles purchased these days come with a manufacture warranty,  this is an agreement between the auto manufacturer and the purchasing customer that if anything should break, malfunction, or go wrong with the vehicle within a certain time period from purchase (which is typically 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first), then the manufacturer will repair the vehicle at no cost to the customer.

Auto Vehicle service agreements also known as an extended warranty plan are designed to offer the purchaser a similar peace of mind by extending the length of time a customer can expect to receive repair coverage on the vehicle.